Video Outlines

International Certificate in Fashion Design

Module 1


1. Fundamentals of Design Introduction


2. Art Techniques – Pencil

Learn about the different types of pencils, shading techniques and start to sketch.


3. Elements of Design

Learn how one can use these elements to design innovative fashion collections.


4. Principles of Design

Learn about the application of one of the principles of design - proportion a designer must follow to become visually creative.


5. Colour and Pattern Application

Learn about colour, print and pattern application techniques and understand how they can help enhance a fashion collection.

Module 3


1. The Fashion Industry Introduction

Futuristic Couture

2. Futuristic Couture

Learn what futuristic couture is, a journey and how today's fashion designers are paving their way into the future with innovation and technology.

High Street Fashion

3. High Street Fashion

Learn about some popular high street fashion brands, their nature, and the holding line in creating trends from the runway to the streets.

Fashion Seasons

4. Fashion Seasons

Learn how fashion season challenges the understanding of the economic concept of supply and demand.

Fashion Capitals

5. Fashion Capitals

Learn about Paris, Milan, London and New York, the most influential and prominent fashion capitals, called the "big four" have fashioned in their air.

Module 4

Textiles and Clothing Introduction

1. Textiles and Clothing Introduction

Textiles in Everyday Life

2. Textiles in Everyday Life

Learn about the history of textiles, its journey from the neanderthal to today and their importance in day-to-day life.

Fibre - Yarn - Fabric

3. Fibre - Yarn - Fabric

Learn about the difference between fibre, yarn and fabric and understand the different phases of the textile making process.

Weaving: Significance and Evolution

4. Weaving: Significance and Evolution

Learn about the process of weaving in detail and look at some widely practiced types of weaving in the textile industry.

Methods of Fabric Identification

5. Methods of Fabric Identification

Learn about the fabric characteristics and Identification techniques.

Module 5

Fashion History and Contextual Studies Introduction

1. Fashion History and Contextual Studies Introduction

Fashion Icons of Past

2. Fashion Icons of Past

Learn about the royals and the past influencers that paved the way for fashion and changed its future.

The Genesis of Haute Couture

3. The Genesis of Haute Couture

Learn about the beginning of haute couture (high sewing) and some significant designers who were the stepping stones in creating the world of couture.

Vivienne Westwood in London

4. Vivienne Westwood in London

Learn about the history of punk subculture, its relevance today and how Vivienne Westwood changes the face of punk into fashion.

Sustainable Fashion

5. Sustainable Fashion

Learn how sustainability was practiced in ancient times and understand its importance in today's day and age of global warming.

Module 6

Fashion Sketching and Illustration Introduction

1. Fashion Sketching and Illustration Introduction

Demonstrating the Illustration Tools

2. Demonstrating the Illustration Tools

Learn about the illustration tools, materials and rendering techniques.

Drawing Flats

3. Drawing Flats

Learn to hand draw flat sketches.

Fashion Figures

4. Fashion Figures

Learn to draw fashion figures and poses.

Fashion Head

5. Fashion Head

Learn to draw fashion figures.

Adding Skin Tones

6. Adding Skin Tones

Learn to select the right colours and render different skin tones.

Drawing Garments

7. Drawing Garments

Learn to draw different inner and outer wears on fashion figures.

Rendering Garments

8. Rendering Garments

Learn to render transparent, opaque, print and various fabrics used for making your designs.

Module 7


1. Sewing Technology Introduction

2. Sewing Supplies

2. Sewing Supplies

Learn about all the must-haves you need to master sewing.

3. Sewing a Pleat

3. Sewing a Pleat

Learn how to sew a perfect pleat.

4. Sewing a Gather

4. Sewing a Gather

Learn how to sew a perfect gather.

5. Sewing Tucks

5. Sewing Tucks

Learn all about tucks and how to sew them perfectly.


6. Sewing Seams

Learn different types of seams and how to ace them perfectly.

Sewing Hemlines

7. Sewing Hemlines

Learn how to sew a hemline perfectly.

Sewing Pockets

8. Sewing Pockets

Learn how to sew different types of pockets.

Sewing Closures and Fasteners

9. Sewing Closures and Fasteners

Learn how to sew different types of closures and fasteners.

Module 8

1. Pattern Making Introduction

1. Pattern Making Introduction

2. How to Take Measurements

2. How to Take Measurements

Learn how to take precise measurements.

3. Drafting a Basic Bodice

3. Drafting a Basic Bodice

Learn how to draw a pattern for a basic bodice.

4. Drafting a Basic Sleeve

4. Drafting a Basic Sleeve

Learn how to draft a basic sleeve.

5. Drafting a Skirt

5. Drafting a Skirt

Learn all about creating a pattern for a skirt.

6. Drafting a Dress

6. Drafting a Dress

Learn how to create a pattern a dress.

Module 9

1. Fashion Draping Techniques Introduction

1. Fashion Draping Techniques Introduction

2. Marking and Trueing

2. Marking and Trueing

Learn all about marking and trueing.

3. Drape to Paper Pattern

3. Drape to Paper Pattern

Learn how to convert your draped pattern into a paper pattern.

4. Drape a Sleeve

4. Drape a Sleeve

Learn how to drape a sleeve.

5. Drape a Skirt

5. Drape a Skirt

Learn how to drape a skirt.

6. Drape a Dress

6. Drape a Dress

Learn how to drape a dress perfectly.

Module 10

1. Surface Ornamentation Introduction

1. Surface Ornamentation Introduction

2. Surface Ornamentation Techniques

2. Surface Ornamentation Techniques

Learn about the various techniques to enhance your textiles and express a unique idea and concept.

3. Basic Embroidery Stitches

3. Basic Embroidery Stitches

Learn 8 basic embroidery stitches.

4. Fabric Manipulation Techniques

4. Fabric Manipulation Techniques

Learn how fabric manipulation techniques help enhance design ideas.

5. Marigold Natural Dye

5. Marigold Natural Dye

Learn to dye with natural components such as flowers, spices, and tree barks.

6. Block Printing

6. Block Printing

Learn the process of printing patterns by means of engraved wooden blocks.